About us

Our mission is to provide personalised training courses that combine the teaching of Brazilian Portuguese with the Brazilian culture on its own.

Our main objective is to teach the Portuguese language in a personalized way that is pleasant and relaxed.

Our classes are prepared specifically for each student to fulfil their personal objectives quickly but in a structured way.

We want to offer the best learning experience of the Brazilian Portuguese language that you can have. We strive to provide you an unforgettable stay in Lisbon taking advantage of the best of both worlds (Brazil in Portugal)!

Come and learn Brazilian Portuguese with Bárbara at SPEAK BRAZIL and breathe the Brazilian culture and language in Lisbon!

Our method

Our method of study is based in the natural process that a native speaker learns his native language, i.e., first it listens to be able to talk, and then read to be able to write.

Therefore, in our classes we work with all the skills and speech processes of a native speaker: listen, conversation, reading and writing. Naturally also with cultural and grammar elements, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and much more.

Our material is diversified and prepared specifically for each student. In addition, we focus on teaching strategies to accelerate language learning so that you can learn at your own pace in your free time.

Why choose us

The top reasons for you to learn with us
Tailor-made classes
We seek and develop a training from contents of your interest, either related to work, academics or leisure.
Immersion environment
The classes are conducted so that the student can practice real situations of language use.
Fast-pace learning
Possibility of step up one entire language level in 2 weeks (30 classes), studying 4 hours a day with us.
CEFR for Languages
We define our levels accordingly to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Our team

Members of the Board and Founders of Speak Brazil Language School