COVID-19: we are constantly monitoring this evolving situation. We migrated all the in-person courses to online course, and we will maintain that format until further development of the situation. We continue to accept enrolments to online classes as usual.

Summer Course: For 2020 the summer  course will be online, with some surprises! Check the page of the course more details.


School of Brazilian Portuguese Language and Culture in Lisbon

Do you want to learn to speak, do business, travel, make friends, have fun, sing, improve, and immerse in Brazilian Portuguese in Lisbon?

Come and get to know SPEAK BRAZIL Language School at Lisbon!

At SPEAK BRAZIL, you will learn Brazilian Portuguese with Brazilian teachers, with advanced academic background in the Brazilian variety of the Portuguese language.

Our school offers a smooth learning method, lightweight, dynamic, modern and of quality, so that our Brazilian Portuguese classes become an enriching experience.

Here you can adjust the intensity and the classes schedule, with the appropriate pace for you.
Meaningful content
Here you study with recent contents that you can relate with.
Grammar in context
At Speak Brazil we design the classes so that you can acquire grammatical skills by learning in context.
Bussiness ready
In Speak Brazil we adjust the course to prepare you for your professional framework.

SPEAK BRAZIL takes you in an immersion journey through the Brazilian culture, in a personalised way.

SPEAK BRAZIL also offers you other Brazilian classes and experiences like: surf classes, Brazilian dance classes, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, and other activities and events related to the Brazilian culture in Lisbon. All the extra activities classes are conducted by Brazilian teachers/instructors.

Thinking in the best experience for the student, we also take care of lodging for you, in quality accommodations in Lisbon city centre.

Our school offers Brazilian Portuguese courses for foreigners in Lisbon. We have several types of courses specially designed for you!

Brazilian Portuguese Courses

Our Team

Miguel Figueiredo

An engineer by education, Miguel is passionate about world cultures and loves to meet new people!

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Bárbara Sousa

Director of Studies - Brazilian Portuguese teacher
Bárbara is a trained linguist and teacher with a true vocation for educating. She completely loves her work and can't stop until her students ...

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Why choose us

The top reasons for you to learn with us
Tailor-made classes
We seek and develop a training from contents of your interest, either related to work, academics or leisure.
Immersion environment
The classes are conducted so that the student can practice real situations of language use.
Fast-pace learning
Possibility of step up one entire language level in 2 weeks (30 classes), studying 4 hours a day with us.
CEFR for Languages
We define our levels accordingly to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


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