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Vamos Praticar volume 1 is a grammar and vocabulary exercise book (level A1).

So that you can speak Portuguese with your Brazilian friends about your daily routines, your work, what you like, your family, your city and much more!

If you are starting to learn Portuguese and are at level A1, this book is for you!

Livro Vamos Praticar

Choose the best format for you.

And improve your Portuguese so you can speak more naturally and with confidence!

Vamos Praticar volume 1 is for you if…

Livro Vamos Praticar
  • you want to learn vocabulary in Portuguese.
  • you want to practice your Portuguese grammar such as tenses and verb conjugations.
  • you want to memorize and never forget.
  • you are at level A1 and you want to put what you are learning into practice.
  • you are an A2, B1 or B2 levels and want to review the basics.
  • you want to feel more confident introducing yourself, talking about your friends, expressing your preferences and much more.
  • you are going to travel to Brazil and want to learn the basics of Portuguese to communicate with locals.

What will you learn in this book?

Present verb tense

Presente do indicativo regulares
Presente do indicativo irregulares
Estar + Gerúndio

Everyday vocabulary for communication

Objetos de escritório e estudo
Trabalhos e documentos

Articles and pronouns

Artigos definidos e indefinidos
Pronomes possessivos

Vocabulary to describe objects, people, places…

Informações pessoais
Descrições físicas e psicológicas
Vida na cidade

Personal pronouns

Pronomes sujeito
Pronomes reflexivos

Names, adjectives...

Pronomes interrogativos

Answer key to all the exercises!

You will also have access to all the exercise answers to help you track your progress and journey learning Brazilian Portuguese!

We are
Bárbara and Grace

Friends since college, partners, and teachers, we are passionate about teaching Brazilian Portuguese to foreigners. We did our undergraduate degree together in the Portuguese language.

After graduation, we followed similar paths: I, Bárbara, pursued a master’s degree in Portuguese linguistics, and Grace pursued graduate studies in Portuguese as a foreign language.

Since 2019, Grace joined the team at Speak Brazil. And, since then, we have been working together teaching Portuguese to foreigners at my language school, Speak Brazil. We love to see the development of students and watch them improve their Portuguese communication skills every day.

Throughout these years, we have always produced authentic materials for classes and courses at Speak Brazil. From this experience of creating lessons and exercises, emerged the book Vamos Praticar volume 1. A book that originated from our desire to help students practice what they learn or have learned, with activities featuring innovative grammar and vocabulary exercises, including important aspects of Brazilian culture.

If you are starting to learn Portuguese...

If Portuguese is a new language for you, Vamos Praticar volume 1 is the best way to begin your journey.

You will practice elementary Portuguese grammar with exercises designed for you to learn Portuguese in an organized and structured manner. Additionally, you will have plenty of exercises to expand your knowledge of new words.

But it doesn’t stop there! In Vamos Praticar volume 1, you will learn about cultural aspects of Brazil and also learn commonly used phrases and expressions that Brazilians use in their everyday lives.


If you're already at a more advanced level...

If you’ve already taken your first steps and reached levels A2, B1 or B2.

You have a good opportunity to review your grammar and vocabulary through our exercises to reinforce what you already know.


Choose the best option for you to start learning Brazilian Portuguese today!

Learn in a light, fun and effective way!

Prof. Bárbara


Speak Brazil

Speak Brazil is an online Brazilian Portuguese language school for foreigners founded in mid-2019 that has helped many students become fluent in Portuguese.

Speak Brazil offers personalized online courses tailored to each student’s current interests and abilities with the goal of enabling all students to become fluent or improve their fluency in Brazilian Portuguese.

A Speak Brazil was founded by me, one of the authors of the book Vamos Praticar volume 1, designed for you to learn Portuguese with grammar and vocabulary exercises to memorize and be able to speak naturally at the elementary level of the language.

My name is Bárbara, I am Brazilian, a teacher of Brazilian Portuguese, an eternal student of my own language, and passionate about helping people to speak Brazilian Portuguese!

Summing up…

Here’s what is included in your purchase:

Vamos Praticar volume 1 – In-Printed: you will receive the physical book mailed to your address so can write in it and take it wherever you’d like.

or Book Vamos Praticar volume 1 – Digital: you will receive the digital book so you can start learning Portuguese immediately from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a time limit for my access to the Vamos Praticar E-book?

Your access to the E-book format of Vamos Praticar you will receive the digital book so you can start learning Portuguese immediately from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Will the Vamos Praticar E-book work on my phone?

Of course! You can access it from your phone, tablet or computer.

How can I pay? Is it secure?

We offer payment via credit card, charge card, PayPal, Wise, Venmo, and many other payment methods. Payments are made through our secure payment providers to keep your information safe.

How long does it take for Vamos Praticar printed book to arrive?

Generally, the printed book takes about 3 to 7 days to reach you.
However, this is our best estimate. It might take a few days longer to arrive. Rest assured, your book will reach you!

Is there any difference between the Vamos Praticar volume 1 digital book and the printed book?

They are the same versions of the book, but one is digital, for you to use from your electronic device, and the other is in paper, for you to write by hand on it. It’s up to you how you prefer to practice, digital or printed!

Any questions?

  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask. The Speak Brazil team will reply to you as soon as possible.
  • Just click the button below and send us a message.

+351 91 221 43 43 (whatsApp & Telegram – message)



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