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2020 Summer courses


  • 2 weeks of intensive language classes;
  • The season for summer courses is in the months of August and September;
  • Each session is composed of 3 classes (1 hour each), 5 days per week;
  • Sessions between 9h and 12h;
  • Group classes, from 3 students up to 8 máx.;
  • Limited vacancies;
  • No registration fee;
  • All learning materials included;
  • Final certificate.


For the course of elementary level (A levels) the dates are:

From To
17th of August 28th of August

For the course of independent level (B levels) the dates are:

From To
31th of August 11th of September



The deadline for registration in the summer courses is 7 of August of 2020.

After that date new registrations are subjected to the availability of the school.



Summer courses are prepared for a 2 weeks consistent learning period. However, students can opt to attend only the first week of the course.

Prices for each student:

1 week 225€
2 weeks 430€ ¹

¹ discount of -20€ in the second week

Please find the conditions of payment after the description.


What is waiting for you in the Speak Brazil Summer Course?

The proposal of the summer course is to be in contact with Portuguese 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the course you will read, write, listen and speak in Portuguese. Our agreement is during the classes to speak in Portuguese, creating an environment of total immersion in the language. If you were to choose something that set us apart, it would be the preparation of the classes with many materials of real Portuguese, authentic Portuguese, and the dedication of teachers. Our approach is that, besides learning the language, you will also study politics, literature, history, art, cinema, music, dance, food, sport and others, because we believe that cultural elements are part of the language.

In the 2 weeks of Portuguese classes, you have very rapid progress in speaking Portuguese, gaining a lot of knowledge and fluency in the language.

Outside class hours, you will participate in organized cultural activities including “peteca”, forró, samba and cooking. Each activity is designed to help you build and expand your vocabulary, develop your fluency and have greater immersion in the culture.

In addition to these activities, there will be workshops of:

  • Games;
  • Text production;
  • Slang
  • Small seminars

So, come along, and learn Brazilian Portuguese in Lisbon!


Interested in a Brazilian Portuguese Summer Course?

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    Payment conditions:

    Payments are made through a secure bank transfer to our account in a Portuguese bank (Millenium BCP – Banco Comercial Português S.A.), or through a PayPal or TransferWise transfer.

    To complete the registration the student pay 50% of the course price, and the remaining 50% in the first day of the course.