Online Summer Course 2020

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Online Summer Course 2020

This year the Summer Course got a new look!
We will have an Online Summer Course 2020 for you to participate from anywhere and immerse yourself in Portuguese and Brazilian culture!

The Online Summer Course 2020 is the ideal for students of Portuguese who want to improve their knowledge of the Portuguese language and their fluency.

During the course you will have lessons conducted by Professor Bárbara Sousa and the invited professors, Camilla Villela and Vinícius Guarilha, and have access to all materials created and developed by them.


New dates!

At the request of our students, the dates were changed, and now the course will be from 21 of September till 2 of October



  • 2 weeks of intensive language lessons;
  • Dates: from 21 of September till 2 of October;
  • Each session is composed of 1h30 of lessons (1h30 hour each session), 5 days per week;
  • Sessions between 17h and 18h30 (GMT Lisbon/London time);
  • Group classes, from 3 students up to 15 máx.;
  • Limited vacancies;
  • No registration fee;
  • All learning materials included;
  • Final certificate;
  • Participation of 3 Brazilian teachers!
  • The course is intended for students starting at level A2;


From To
21th of September 2nd of October



The deadline for registration in the summer courses is 13 of September of 2020.

After that date new registrations are subjected to the availability of the school.



Prices for each student:

2 weeks 110€

Please find the conditions of payment after the description.


More about the course:

This summer course is prepared for you to immerse yourself in an experience in the language and culture of Brazilian Portuguese!

For our course we developed something different, cool, with themes that students usually do not study in a traditional language course.
The goal is to immerse you in the language through super cool, interesting themes, with materials developed exclusively for the course.
Our idea is that you participate a lot in the classes through reading, audio, speaking and writing.

Thus, in the 10 days of the course we will have classes on:

  • Brazilian culture;
  • Influence of indigenous culture on the Brazilian culture;
  • Politics;
  • Architecture;
  • History of Brazilian miscegenation (mix of people from different ethnics or races);
  • Past perfect vs. Past imperfect;
  • Conjunctions;
  • Interjections;
  • Argumentative expressions;
  • Sounds of Portuguese – pronunciation;
  • Idiomatic expressions;
  • Spoken Portuguese and informal vocabulary expressions.

Do you want to deepen and practice the Portuguese language?


Test your Portuguese:

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Interested in the Summer Course?

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    Payment conditions:

    Payments are made through a secure bank transfer to our account in a Portuguese bank (Millenium BCP – Banco Comercial Português S.A.), or through a PayPal or TransferWise transfer.

    To complete the registration the student pay 50% of the course price, and the remaining 50% in the first day of the course.