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  • Choose the total number of classes, starting in 10 classes;
  • We recommend one of our packages of 10, 20 or 30 classes that we offer;
  • Each session is composed of 2 classes, with a frequency of 1 or more times per week;
  • You can plan your own schedule;
  • Individual classes;
  • Free registration;
  • All learning materials included;
  • Final certificate;
  • Possibility of changing course level or migrating to another course type;
  • You can start any day of the week.


32€/hour 30€/hour 28€/hour
10 classes or more 20 classes or more 30 classes or more


Thinking of the students that want to learn Brazilian Portuguese from abroad or if you want to continue learning after starting in Lisbon, Speak Brazil offers an online course. This course is the next step to improve your skills in Brazilian Portuguese.

We offer packages between 10 and 30 online sessions of 1h each that you can plan according to your agenda.
The sessions are interactive and personalised just like any classroom lecture and all the linguistic skills are addressed: Oral and Reading comprehension as well as Writing and Speaking production. All the material (such as exercises, audio recordings, etc) will be provided by the school to enable you to practice on your own time.

You can start your online course on Brazilian Portuguese at any time!

We are happy to help you choose the package that best suits your needs depending on your language skills and objectives. Please feel free to contact us and let us know what you are after.

Start learning rigth away!

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