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COVID-19: we are constantly monitoring this evolving situation. We migrated all the in-person activities to online mode, and we will maintain that format until further development of the situation. We continue to accept enrolments to online classes as usual.


Conversation club at Casa Pau Brasil!

Next dates:

Year of 2019:

  • 16 of September
  • 30 of September
  • 14 of October
  • 28 of October
  • 11 of November
  • 25 of November

Year of 2020: There is still no dates for this year, as the pandemic situation continues.


The conversation club is free to join!



  • Can I join?
    – Yes!! Everyone are welcome!
  • The Conversation Club happens at Thursdays at Casa Pau-Brasil;
  • Each session is between 18h and 19h30 (90 minutes);
  • To take more advantage of the sessions, we recommend a basic knowledge (A1 level) of Brazilian Portuguese;
  • Group session, from 2 students up to 8 máx.;
  • Certificate of Attendance (upon request)
  • Participate in the sessions as many times as you want!
  • Register until the day before* the Conversation Club session by sending us an email to: or by filling and sending the form at the bottom of this page;

* Until 18h of the day before



Speak Brazil organizes a Conversation Club, focusing on specific linguistic aspects such as conversation skills. The main objective is to encourage you to practice and develop your speaking skills in different scenarios to feel comfortable in real day-to-day situations.

Practice Brazilian Portuguese and get personalized help with your your daily life affairs, academic or professional work.

Come and practice your conversation skills in a group lead by a native professional teacher!

Seems a good idea? So, send us a message and sign up for one session!

Please feel free to contact us for any questions. The  Conversation Club is a partnership between Speak Brazil Language School and Casa Pau-Brasil.



      Sign up for a session or contact us!