Due to the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19, all presential activities are temporarily suspended until further notice.

We are planning some online activities, that will be announced for the students during the classes.

School Activities

In addition to the Brazilian Portuguese language courses, we offer the possibility for our students to enjoy other School Activities and also some Extra Classes!

Discover Brazil in Portugal

       Sightseeing in Lisbon

Coffee with milk and bread for “café da manhã” (breakfast). The sidewalks made of small black and white stones that form continuous images. Small colorful buildings, mosaic tiles on the walls. Stunning views of the water. Beach, sun, coffee and “chope” (Brazilian draft beer). Everyone speaking Portuguese. No, this is not Brazil, but it's Brazil in Lisbon!

It’s all about Brazilian culture! Let's discover in the Portuguese culture elements that remind us and recognize Brazil in Lisbon, through common history and living culture!

Samba circle night

Let's get enchanted with the rhythm, the voice, the songs and the Brazilian dance in a night of joy, warmth, poetry and art, experiencing one of the most richness traditions of our culture: samba!

In this scenario we will make a journey not only through samba, but also in its mixture with bossa, folk and jazz accompanied by wine, artists, and lovers of the Brazilian culture.

Extra classes

Brazilian dance classes: Forró and Samba Gafieira

SPEAK BRASIL suggests you to embark in dance classes on traditional Brazilian dance styles. A dance class is a journey into the Brazilian culture that will boost your language skills like nothing else.

Learning the culture will help you to improve your language skills a lot quicker.

At any time of the year, spice up your learning experience of Brazilian Portuguese by adding dance classes to your agenda. Don’t lose this chance of combining your language learning experience with the Brazilian culture and join us on this adventure. You can have a language session in the morning and go wild at dusk and learn Forró and Samba-Gafeira.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes

Make the most of your stay in Lisbon practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with a Brazilian teacher and practice your Brazilian Portuguese without noticing!

At any time of the year, energize your learning experience of Brazilian Portuguese by learning the balance and agility that this ancient martial art can teach you. Why don’t you try, after a language session in the morning, to expand your strengths and go for a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class at dusk!

Surf classes

Have you ever thought about learning Brazilian Portuguese while you are surfing? Now you can!

With a Brazilian teacher, you can surf on lots of beautiful beaches in Portugal and can improve your language skills! From the summer to the winter, Portugal is a fantastic place to practice surfing.

Are you ready to take this wave with us?  Explore deeply your stay in Lisbon, creating one more opportunity to make your Brazilian Portuguese better!